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"Hotshot Eastbound"
Bill Cherwin pilots his T-34 past Kevin and Amanda Smirz in this homage to O. Winston Link's railroad photo of the same name. Bill's ability to make micrometer-like adjustments to his flight path based on the radioed instruction "On the next pass, please be 10 feet lower and pull up 20 feet later", made this dramatic shot possible and a real pleasure to shoot.

"Hotshot Eastbound"
Bill Cherwin pilots his T-34 past Kevin and Amanda Smirz in this homage to O. Winston Link's railroad photo of the same name. Bill's ability to make micrometer-like adjustments to his flight path based on the radioed instruction "On the next pass, please be 10 feet lower and pull up 20 feet later", made this dramatic shot possible and a real pleasure to shoot.
Stearman Haircut
Jim Martin looks right into the camera on this takeoff photo made possible by the ground rise at the end of the runway 9, a 500mm telephoto lens and some exceptional piloting by Jim.
Young Eagles
A group of Galt's Young Eagles take to the wing after receiving their first flight courtesy of EAA Chapter 932 based at Galt. (l. to r.) Travis Vasseur, Peter Alegre, J.R. Gomoll, Jade Bellairs, Kayla Alegre, Kira Gomoll, Mallory Bellairs, Meghan Vasseur. With Doug Bartlett flying his Edge 540.
Gathering of Eagles
In 2009, the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) chose the Young Eagles image as the centerpiece of their promotional campaign for the Gathering of Eagles fundraising effort chaired by Harrison Ford. Additional graphic work was done by the EAA's Nick Hanson. (Image Copyright © 2009, EAA)
Prop Pull Through
Dave Monroe pulls the prop through prior to starting his YAK-52. This is done on a radial engine to clear accumulated oil from the lower cylinders if the engine has not been recently run.
Delaney's World
Delaney Stern expresses the ageless dream to fly as Jeff Hill Sr. lands his Aeronca L-3.
Night Hawks
Bill Miles and his Cub are captured in the glow of the moon and the FBO lights on a summer's evening as Mike Lobaito closes the register at the end of another perfect day.
"Your Friendliest Airport"
The Hill families enjoy a day picnicking on the grounds of Galt airport in a scene paralleling that in the vintage advertisement behind them. Jeff Hill Sr. waves while his son Jeff Jr. and family picnic. Bill Miles pilots his Cub over them all.
Ron and Rafael
Ron Twinn and Rafael Gonzales constitute the entire population of Galt airport early on a Sunday morning.
Sunday Morning
As Sunday services recess, the municipal banner outside the Heritage Baptist Church hints at the afternoon's activity to follow.
Sunday Afternoon
Bruce Schottland cleans the bugs from his Cessna 150 after a day of flying. Mike and James Lejeune play catch while Joeleen Stanard and Jackie Lejeune work out a knotty problem.
Winter Evening Debrief
A cast of Galt regulars review the day's events around the wood stove in the FBO lounge.

(l. to r.) Justin Cleland, Pam Hack, Erica Porter, Jeff Hill Sr., Brian Spiro (foreground), Greg Domski, Tom Hoppe, Rafael Gonzales.
Portrait: Bud Krebs
Bud Krebs, his Ryan PT-22 and a sunny morning add up to a perfectly realized dramatic portrait.
Yak Silhouette
Early morning overcast creates a silhouette of Dave Monroe and his Yak-52.
Dream of Flight
Jonny Hunt and Ryan Endler pause to watch a take-off while rounding up the cows at the Plane View Dairy next door to Galt.
Cub in the Clouds
Dan Johnson's Cub forms a dramatic composition with the afternoon clouds during the “Flour Bomb" drop held by the Friends of Galt (F.O.G.).
Claude and Corn
Claude Sonday pilots his Stearman in perfect alignment with the rows of corn surrounding Galt airport.
Number Nine
At the end of a day spent restoring the family's Beech Musketeer, Mike Kryscha lofts a glider toward the skies.
Portrait: Brian Spiro
The object of his affections ...

A Continental powered Cub at its annual checkup provides the setting for a study of Galt A&P mechanic Brian Spiro.
Twenty Year Kiss
Kathy and Gerry Molidor create a timeless scene witnessed by the photographer - and twenty years earlier by the author, Laurence Gonzales.

Three years ago, when the Galt project was just an idea, I saw this scene as Gerry prepared to depart Galt at dusk after flying in the annual air show. I sketched it so I would remember to eventually make the photograph. Later, I was pleasantly surprised to find a similar scene with Kathy and Gerry described in Laurence Gonzales’ book One Zero Charlie - just twenty years earlier. When I finally got around to making the photo, Gerry had ceased flying air shows and his plane was in the Smithsonian. This was disguised by Doug Barlett's generous loan of his Sukhoi-29.
Portrait: Kathy and Gerry Molidor
Kathy Molidor pauses for a portrait while husband Gerry flies cover in a Sukhoi-29.
High Flight
The Aerostars (Dave Monroe, Paul Hornick and Harvey Meeks) execute a synchronized turn and then climb for the clouds.
Day's End
As the skylight fades after sunset, Jeff Tietz taxis his Christen Eagle back to his hangar.
While most of the flying at Galt is for sport, the airport does service commercial flights as well. A grandmother returning to Florida gets a farewell wave from her granddaughter.
Tire Fill
After a winter on tie-down, this Beech Baron gets its tires inflated by lineman Mike Lobaito before being towed to the flight line.
Portrait: Barbara Rapchak
Barbara Rapchak and "Blue 0X" (N9250X) in a nighttime portrait. "0X" still sports his original paint and decals from 1962 and was previously owned by Art Galt.
Sonday Slip
Claude Sonday slips his Stearman to a landing on runway 9/27. A slip is used to lose altitude in a plane without flaps, or to provide visibility over a large cowl as in this case. It provides a classic angle for the photographer.
Portrait: Ryan and Jonny
Ryan Endler and Jonny Hunt who live and work at the Plane View Dairy next to Galt, are caught in the light of a late summer afternoon.
We Win!
Erick and Lucas Donker express their exhilaration at winning the "Flour Bomb" drop contest. While his father flew at 300 feet AGL, Lucas hurled the bag of flour to within 3ft. of the bull's eye.
Portrait: Dave Monroe
The business end of a YAK-52 with its proud owner.
Formal Fuel Check
Kevin Smirz checks the fuel tank level during his evening shift at Galt. His formal attire is more suited to his day job as a banker, but there isn't always the time to change.
A Weather Eye
Rafael Gonzales keeps an eye on the rain from the vantage of an empty hangar.
Symmetrical Service
Bill Marinangel (l.) and Jim Martin attach the cowling to Jim's immaculate white Stearman.
170 Refuel
Mark Krohn tops off his newly refurbished Cessna 170. In its previous yellow and blue livery, it spent many years at Galt in Steve Nussbaum's care.
Portrait: John Roach
John Roach is surrounded by walls of white fabric while re-covering his Ercoupe wings.
Pom Squad Plane Wash
The McHenry County High School Pom Squad kick up their heels for a plane and car wash fundraiser in conjunction with EAA Chapter 932's pancake breakfast fly-in. Pictured are: Elizabeth Latz, Layla Piorkowski, Katie Jackson, Molly Kearns, Melissa Manktelow, Hannah Lang, Trisha Hurckes, Tori Marulli, Alaina Rogers and Michaela Hess
Joeleen Goodbye
Joeleen Stanard executes the perfect "beauty queen wave" while an SNB departs above her.
Portrait: Steve Nussbaum
Steve designed and built several versions of his John Doe S.T.O.L. aircraft, one of whose leading edge slats can be seen here. The John Doe was exhibited at Oshkosh for several years.
Wingin' It
Galt is home to Chapter 1 of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), and has a number of aerobatic pilots and their planes based there. An Extra 230 has its wings installed by Bob Hart and Howie Stock while Gerry Molidor kibitzes from the prop.
Waiting Their Turn
Three Young Eagles take advantage of the shade provided by Galt's concert stage as they await their turn to fly.
Lining Up
Dave Spizbart banks his Cessna 172 toward 9/27, the main runway at Galt.
Run Up
Good brakes make good neighbors! Dave Monroe checks engine functions with feet firmly on the brakes while I get my shot and get out of the way. The engine was really at idle, an assistant stood ready to pull me away if necessary and Dave was in on the plan from the word "go". Very cool.
Portrait: Kevin Auld
Surrounded by the paraphernalia of his FBO domain, lineman Kevin Auld's congenial presence stands front and center. This is what customers encounter first and remember most.
Larry and Max
While Max is blasé about the takeoff, he loves the flight and the landing from his place in the back seat of Larry's Cherokee. The rug laid on the wing provides footing for Max to enter and exit.
Michael & Joeleen Stanard (& Tin Tin!)
Michael is a partner with Ivan Djurin in Galt Airport LLC and was a major influence in creating the look and environment at Galt. Combining a classic 50's airport with new hangars and upgraded facilities, he infused it all with a "brand" identity courtesy of his design business studio@onezerocharlie. Michael and Joeleen live in the house built by Art Galt with its two-story view of the 9/27 runway.
John and Don
John Roach (l.) and Don Sword with their Ercoupes.
Justin and Pam
Pam Hack (l.), the Young Eagles co-coordinator for Chapter 932, and Justin Cleland, Galt airport manager/certified flight instructor/A&P mechanic, take a break on the flight line on a quiet Sunday afternoon.